Sanitizing & Odor Removal Programs


When your home or business has a pervasive odor you can’t get rid of, call Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento We’ll identify it and clean it up so all you will smell is fresh air.

Our homes and commercial buildings are vulnerable to a variety of contaminants that can cause foul odors. Some common ones include:

  • Pet messes
  • Garbage
  • Dead animals
  • Dirty drains
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Mold

Some of these are easy for you to remedy. A little vinegar or baking soda in the garbage disposal or a trip out to the trash bin can do a world of good. But some odors are harder to get rid of.

Guests who smoke in your home, for instance, can cause lasting damage. Cigarette smoke can permeate and settle in upholstered furniture and drapes, lingering for months. And it’s not just smelly, it’s harmful.

Similarly, smoke damage from a fire can cause a charred smell to remain for many months that is unpleasant and unhealthy.

Pervasive Pet Odors

A pet that has an accident on the carpet means lingering odors as well. Even if you clean the carpet right away, the urine may have soaked through to the padding below or even the floorboards. This type of cleaning and sanitizing requires a professional.

Another type of smell pets can produce is a mildew-type aroma. This most often originates with dogs that go out in the rain. Even when you dry them with a towel, they remain damp.

A helpful solution is to have Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento clean and sanitize your carpets and upholstery, then limit pets to certain areas, such as dog beds or area rugs, rather than allowing them to sprawl on the couch or a bed.

Mysterious Odors

Other smells might be harder for the average homeowner or business owner to identify or remedy. If you have been lucky enough to have never had a mouse make its way into your building and die, you may be unfamiliar with the powerful stench this event can produce.

You may also sometimes get a rotten-egg type smell throughout the house that you can’t identify the source of. This is often a sewer gas issue that can be fixed by cleaning out the pipes.

Rely on Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento to identify the source of odor in your home or business and remedy the problem. We’ll have you smelling fresh air in no time.


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