Crawl Space Cleanup & Water Proofing


Many homes have basements, but those that don’t are usually equipped with crawl spaces. These provide an important buffer between the house and the ground, which can be damp and can sometimes shift. A crawl space also provides room for the home’s utilities, including electrical wiring and plumbing.

But by almost any account, a crawl space is not a welcoming area. Dark, damp and musty, crawl spaces make great homes for spiders, snakes, rodents and other similar creatures.

Another frequent inhabitant of crawl spaces is mold. Mold cannot grow in the presence of sunshine, which is why you so frequently see it in places such as basements, bathrooms, garages or the shady sides of home exteriors, especially if there are bushes and trees nearby.

The Dangers Crawl Spaces Present

If your home sits above a crawl space, the smell of mold may come up through the floorboards. You and your family members can end up inhaling the spores, which can make you sick.

Bugs and mice may also invade your space, and the heat in your home may seep out while cold air seeps in.

To fix this problem, you need a vapor barrier. Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento provides crawl space cleanup, waterproofing and encapsulation services to protect your home from the unhealthy environment below it.

How Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento Fixes Your Crawl Space

First, we clean out your space, evicting critters and removing debris, such as sagging insulation or rotting building materials. Next, we level the area (if necessary) and install heavy, building-grade plastic.

The plastic provides a moisture barrier. Service professionals will generally not enter a crawl space with standing water in it, due to the risk of electrocution. The barrier makes the area safe. It also discourages crawling insects and snakes from entering.

Homeowners who want to take the process a step further go for encapsulation services. With this service, Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento lines the entire area beneath your home with this heavy-duty plastic, including the walls and the underside of your floor.

This choice is markedly better because it helps keep cold air out of your home. It also keeps out bigger critters and it makes the space usable to you and your family. You can use it to store seasonal decorations, toys, tools and more. The area stays clean and dry.

To learn more about Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento’s crawl space cleanup, waterproofing and encapsulation services, contact us today.


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