A/C Blower Motor Cleaning


The world is full of contaminants trying to invade our space — and our lungs — and it’s Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento’s job to stop them.

Much of the pollution that can be found in outdoor air makes its way into our homes or commercial facilities via our HVAC systems. Our air conditioners work hard to remove warm air from our homes and replace it with cool air. But if the components of the system are dirty, the air will be too.

That’s why Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento offers A/C blower motor cleaning services.

What Does a Blower Motor Do?

As a homeowner or business owner, you may not even know what a blower motor is. You just turn your thermostat to the desired temperature and expect your A/C to fulfill your wishes. And it usually does.

A blower motor is an important moving part of your A/C. Composed of the fan, shaft and housing, this part helps remove warm air from your home and blow cool air in.

Because it’s outside, it is especially vulnerable to getting dirty and grimy. The team at Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento has seen some blower motors so choked with dust and dirt that the blades could hardly turn.

How Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento Cleans Your Blower Motor

When we service a blower motor, we disconnect the power to the unit and remove the motor. Then we take it apart. We brush off all the loose debris, then coat the parts with a powerful cleaner.

We allow the detergent to sit and penetrate the grime. Then we agitate it, and lastly, we hose off the blower motor components, dry them, reassemble the unit and restore power.

The Benefits of Blower Motor Cleaning

Once your bower motor is clean, you can expect the air in your home or workplace to be cleaner too. You and your family or workers will experience fewer cold symptoms and require fewer sick days.

The premises will stay cleaner, because your A/C will no longer be blowing dust, dirt and debris around every time the system kicks on. Pair a blower motor cleaning service with an A/C coil cleaning service, and your A/C will be like new.

If clean air matters to you, call Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento and make an appointment to have your A/C blower motor serviced today.


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