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When people purchase a home, they never think to look in their air ducts and are often surprised by how much they've been breathing in from the previous occupants.

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Love these guys! Peyton was awesome we live in a 90 year old home...I had a feeling the duct work had never been cleaned so beyond gross!!! hours of clean up but so worth it!!! We are already breathing better thanks Peyton & Tahoe Clean Air!!
Amazing customer service, timely, knowledgeable and informative! Gave us options on which services were relevant to our home and needs, affordable pricing with coupons and discounts available, and offered an additional maintenance program. Very easy and friendly to work with. Will definitely be using Tahoe Clean Air again!
We just bought a new home and lots of things had not been maintained so we knew our vents and ducts probably needed to be looked at and sure enough, SO much was in there. We are excited to not have 40 years of dog hair, skin cells, fecal matter and such in our system and effecting our air quality. Max, our technician, was very thorough and great at explaining what things were, the why to do something vs. not, and my options. I felt no pressure but did get more service done then I had planned but was very satisfied with what was performed and am glad it is all taken care of. And I got a discount as we are expecting a baby in 3 weeks, so take advantage and get yourself some clean air in your home.
Max was our tech and he did an excellent job at cleaning out our air ducts, 15 years of dust and debris gone! He was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. The up sell of their products seemed a little steep and it ended up costing more than we had expected, but in all I do think we will be satisfied and hopefully our respiratory issues will be less of a concern. Thanks Tahoe Clean Air!
Tahoe Clean Air has been so wonderful to work with!! Our ducts were so gross. They came in and worked with us and gave a great deal so that we could get our moneys worth. The crew were nice and helpful and answered all my questions. Highly recommend them. Very competitive pricing as well.
Actual service ended up charging LESS than was quoted in the first place. Loved their integrity and they did a great job!

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Having clean air to breathe is vital. But unfortunately, not everyone lives and works in an environment that provides healthy air. Here at Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento, we aim to change that, one building at a time. 

While the city of Sacramento enjoys fairly unpolluted air, it’s not a given that the air inside our buildings is clean. It can be tainted by dust, dirt, pollen, mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and more. These are the enemies we fight every day.


We have been in the clean air business for 60-plus years. We have seen many exciting changes and advances in the industry that allow homeowners and businessowners more control than ever over the cleanliness of the air in their homes and facilities.

The team at Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento gets immense satisfaction from every job we do, because we’re not just running a business, we’re helping people get — and stay — healthier. From cleaning air ducts and dryer vents to remediating mold infestations and waterproofing crawl spaces, we work hard to make sure all our residential and commercial customers have clean air to breathe.

We enjoy being the professionals that Sacramento-area home and business owners to turn when they want the cleanest air possible. Keep your family and employees healthy by giving Tahoe Clean Air Sacramento a call today.


An all natural Botanical solution that is fogged inside the entire duct system which consumes all indoor contaminants making it so your system blows purified air.


We use a HEPA filtrated vacuum system to brush and vacuum out each vent, cold air return, and main lines.


Mold can create an indoor environment that can be hazardous to it’s occupants. A simple mold inspection can help identify the source of the problem and we can advise you on the solutions.


Our UVC systems emit very powerful ultraviolet rays that sterilize the air on a microscopic level. They operate continuously, purifying your indoor air 24 hours a day.


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